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Personal statement Hi hun can you update my personal statement  to Hi everyone! Im Cruella, 22year old trans women from the south. I have gone through so much loss and descrimination due to my  choice of living life as the true ME! and being true to who i am. I was almost killed for identifying as a transgender women. This woke me up to how short life is. Its easy to just give up after all the barriers thrown at you. however,  the freedom and happyness of finally being me! made life worth living. Im hear today as proof that you CAN find yourself and be happy and successful.  If i become your next miss transgender  Uk il make it a duty of mine to help others to find there voice and to find there happyness. While having the support behind them to be true to there self. Being transgender is a beautiful thing and i want anyone who is questioning there identity or need advice to be able to get that. Please go vote for me and il make you proud!  
Head measurement is 23.5inchs
Waist is 25 inchs
Hips 35 inches
5’7 height
Size 6 dress size
Shoe size is 7.5
Hi everyone I’m Saskia Menendez a 35 years old transwoman living in London. I was born in oxford, I am mixed Spanish, English and African American. Both my parents and deaf as a result in ending up in me having an extremely hard upbringing. I was later placed in children’s homes and foster parents until i was 12 and was then rescued by my loving grandparents. 
However when i was 18 the both past away and have been alone ever since. Im a proud parent of two beautiful boys who gave me strength and supported me all the way through my transition which started 7 years ago. Ive faced discrimination and difficult choices but never gave up. I studied Events, Music and Media Manangent at University and then decided to be an English teacher. 
Im here to show other no matter where you come from you can succeed ! My dream is to raise awareness, educate others and show support to anyone thinking of transition. I have chosen to support Great Ormand Street Hospital as my Charity as they do such fantastic work with sick children all over the world   
If i win Miss Transexual UK my legacy will be helping others raising awareness, educating people from all walks of life and also going around the world promoting the rights of all Women from different backgrounds in Trans Rights.
Thanks for taking the time to ready my story and if you like me please feel free to like my page and show support ! Take care and God Bless xx
Measurements :
Head 22.5 inches
Waist 29 Inches
Hips 31 inches 
Breast 36 c
Height 5ft 9
Shoe size 8/42
Dress size 10/12 or Medium 
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