Bea Wood Miss Transgender UK 2017

Welcome to BeaYourself

 BeaYourself is an LGBT support network designed for all members of the LGBT community, allies, families and friends. Please feel free to explore the website to learn more about why I (Bea) founded BeaYourself and its values.

Primarily BeaYourself is a support network for members of the LGBT community and its allies, deep at heart, it is much more.

 Throughout the UK there are many businesses that support the LGBT community. I have personally found some businesses thrive from supporting the community. Some even offer Solutions to common problems. Here is a small list (growing by the day) of some of these businesses.  Custom shoes designed totally by the customer. Not only do Solely Original allow you to create your own shoes made to order but they do totally bespoke sizing to the customers feet, width, height, length, literally anything is possible! The best bit is…. they don’t break the bank like many custom shoe designers do. We have been given a discount code exclusively for custom shoes. discount code qYU35HOat the checkout. The charity working alongside BeaYourself providing feminisation makeup techniques to individuals and makeup artists. A bridal, prom and pageant dress shop. Not only do Osh gosh accept anyone regardless of gender or sexual preference they treat customers with total dignity and respect. Need a model? Dream street offer a total diverse range of models, much more diverse than many other agencies. This includes transgender models, plus size, and models that are not classed as industry standard…. total diversity. The only pageant of its kind for transgender females, where winning is NOT based on looks, it is about charity fundraising and community projects.
Other businesses include The party frock, Rosea Bridal, Axholme sewing services, and Sparkles in Scunthorpe. these can all be found on facebook.
There are some fantastic campaigns across the Uk, from anti bullying campaigns to LGBT campaigns. some nationwide and some regional. I am finding in smaller areas of the country there isn’t much going on. This is no fault of any of the larger organisations, however, being in a smaller area and transitioning with no support networks or local campaigns, it was time I set my own up to fill the gap in areas where there is no help. 
The BeaYourself campaign is a simple campaign to help support everyone. This ranges from the LGBT community to cis born heterosexual people that just want to show that everyone can be themselves, regardless of skin colour, height, weight, their choice of clothes/makeup, their sexual preference, gender or disabilities. humans are humans and everyone is equal. 
The plans for the campaign include printed t-shirts, pin badges and other merchandise so people can show they are proud to be themselves and they are equal to others, lets bring diversity and acceptance to all! 
To make any donation, big or small:
Or donation pots will be at support groups and events. Donations help keep the groups going, tea, coffee, juice, and provide the outlay for merchandise which will be available shortly. 
I’m Bea, the founder of BeaYourself support network and equality campaign. I am a transgender female in a lesbian relationship. From nearly 6 years of being my true self I have never seen or found a local support network and have come across other areas that have the same problem. I tried setting something up but it just didn’t work. In November 2017 I expanded my modelling career into pageantry. I competed in the national pageant Miss Transgender UK and Transgender top UK model. I brought home both titles and the crown. As a result I was published internationally, had tv appearances in Spain, Mexico and the UK, several press releases, nationwide radio, and recently Sky News international. This has given me a voice and platform that I have used to create BeaYourself. My drive and passion is to help others and bring wider spread equality for all. 
I am an agency signed published model, aspiring photographer, 2X national title holder, finalist in 3 other national pageants, and I’m using the voice I have gained to spread equality as far as I can.